Hostess Gifts

A dinner party is a great way to celebrate some of the best things in life: great friends and great food.  When you are invited to a dinner party, even if you know the host or hostess quite well, it

Health Benefits of Blue Corn

If you think that blue corn is something new or strange, then you may want to consider these facts. Blue corn actually goes back to when the American Indians migrated to the Southwest.  Depending on the tribe, blue corn is also

Have you a Recipe for Cullen Skink

“Some hae meat that canna eat And some wad eat that want it: But we hae meat, and we can eat, And sae the Lord be thankit.” This is the Scottish Covenanter’s Grace that was said before meals in the

Greek Tavernas

When you want good food and company in Greece you head to a taverna, a family run small restaurant offering freshly cooked food. Typically Mama will be in the kitchen tending to the oven cooked dishes, Papa will be in

Giving up Coke Cutting Back on Soft Drinks Dangers High Fructose Corn Syrup

Soft drinks are delectable. You can get them in all kinds of flavors, and they can be an accent to a meal or a pick-me-up all by themselves. Because cola soft drinks have a good amount of caffeine and high

Have you got a Reciep for Berry and Chocolate Lasagne

Think of lasagne and you think  of a savoury dish filled with a bolognaise sauce and with a savoury white sauce topping all topped with lashings of Parmesan cheese..However this is a delicious twist on lasagne – in this dish

Helping your Teen Cut Back on Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are extremely popular among teenagers today. Where ever you find a group of teens, you will almost always find an energy drink in their hands. It has become the coffee of the younger generation. So many teens now

Great Gift Ideas for Wine Enthusiasts

When you are choosing a gift for someone who happens to be a wine enthusiast then you can enjoy a wonderful shopping experience. Wine lovers appreciate fine wine and assorted accompaniments, as well as always learning more about wine, and

Flavoured Milk Drinks

I love milk but as a rule don’t like it flavoured, preferring the naturalness of it when on it’s own. On popping into our local garage shop to buy a magazine, I spotted this drink nestled in the fridge nearby

Easy Meals Hamburger Casseroles Inexpensive Recipes Noodles

Most everyone I know likes hamburger, ground beef and it can be purchased fairly reasonably to help with the food budget and can be purchased without a lot of fat content.  There are so many wonderful and appetizing ways to