Eggs the Perfect Diet Food

Once shunned by consumers concerned about their health, the egg has been redeemed by recent research that shows the benefits of eating eggs far outweigh any negative effects. According to an article at, eggs have been given a bum

Do you have a Recipe for Victoria Sponge Cake

I have always loved baking, I started making cakes, scones and pastry at a very young age and learnt from any child’s best teacher – my mum! Cookery, Domestic Science, Home Economics, Food Technology – whatever title cooking ever came

Determining the Worlds best Whiskey

The first thing that struck me about Green Spot was how distinctively Irish it looked in its packaging. But that might be because there is still a ghost of the old, original brand still lurking somewhere in this spirit. Pat

Do you have a Recipe for Baked Apples

I have always loved cooking and was lucky enough to grow up in a household with a mum who loved to cook and cooked really good, wholesome foods mainly passed down from her mother before her. I think my subsequent

Coffee is healthy

Even though one of my favourite composers, Johann Sebastian Bach, wrote a cantata that criticized coffee drinkers. Talleyrand [a French Politician] wrote that he received his inspiration from the coffee cup. Coffee for me is an inspiration to write and

Delicious Side Dishes

Here is a great side dish with potatoes, pesto, and sun-dried tomatoes. Below this recipe is a recipe for homemade pesto. This is cooked in a slow cooker (crock pot) and serves approx 4-6. 3 Tbls olive oil1 medium-size yellow

Coffee is a Health Benefit – Benefit

If people are drinking about 500,000,000 cups of coffee a year and the population is increasing, is coffee a health benefit or a health risk? The number of cups of coffee that people drink each year may not be a

Classic Pot Roast Recipe

Everyone should have a few classic, comfort food recipes in their arsenal. Classic Pot Roast with the traditional trimmings should be close to the top of the list. If the phrase Pot Roast brought to mind a picture of almost

Can you tell me how to Make the Perfect Yorkshire Pudding

I may be a Lancashire Lass but I still make a good Yorkshire pudding, if I say so myself! Yorkshire Pudding, as the name indicates, were created in Yorkshire, England. They were originally cooked under a spit were the meat

Breaking the Soda Habit

We train our palates as to what tastes good to us. There are certain tastes, like sweetness, that have had evolutionary benefits to us in the past, as natural foods like berries and fruits have been good for us. Unfortunately,